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Stamp Duty Land Tax

If you buy a property in the UK over a certain price, you have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT). This is charged on all purchases of houses, flats and other land and buildings.

The SDLT rate depends on:

Residential Properties

SDLT may also be due if you lease a property. The lease must be for at least £125,000 for residential properties or £150,000 for non-residential or mixed use.

Purchase price of propertyRate of SDLT (percentage of the total purchase price)
£0 - £125,0000%
£125,001 - £250,0001%
£250,001 - £500,0003%
£500,001 - £1 million4%
Over £1 million - £2 million5%
Over £2 million7%
Over £2 million bought by corporate bodies15%

For details on exceptions, such as 'Disadvantaged Areas Relief' or zero-carbon homes, see the Gov.UK website.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Use the calculator below to see how much stamp duty you will need to pay based on the purchase price of the property you are looking to buy.

Stamp Duty Calculator

How much stamp duty will I be required to pay?


The above calculator is to be used as a guide only. Rules and thresholds for stamp duty payments could change at any time so it is always worth also double checking anything on the HMRC website.

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